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    “The success of the company is based on the capacity and quality of its human team”

    Human resources are increasingly important and play a key role in the conception and implementation of human resource strategies, in order to ensure they have an impact on the financial results and on Company’s reputation and efficiency.

    LICUAS, S.A.’s Human Resource Policy establishes the basic framework for suitable management of the company’s human resources, in accordance with its vision and values.

    Licuas, S.A. sees human resources as a way to improve quality of life for its employees, promoting their growth, development and well-being, enhancing talent and valuing diversity, initiative and innovation, and promoting the work/life balance to ensure common progress.

    The success of the company is based on the capacity and quality of its human team, which is one of its biggest competitive advantages. To this end, the company maintains its commitment to continuously improving the skills, abilities and motivations of its employees, always with a focus on working conditions and safety.

    If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV to personal@licuas.es

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