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    The vision LICUAS, S.A. applies to its R&D&i policies is the permanent search for the “perfect service” through innovative products and processes which improve the quality of service offered to our customers, and provide the organization with high levels of productivity.

    LICUAS, S.A. is committed to research, development and innovation as the driving force for its present and future strategy. As a company, we have always stood out thanks to our ability to provide innovative solutions which improve the quality of service offered to our customers, along with our ongoing commitment to innovation in the organization’s processes, thus ensuring an optimal service for customers.

    Since its beginnings, LICUAS, S.A. has followed a model of permanent innovation, allowing it to position itself as one of the leading companies in the construction sector both nationally and internationally, also thanks to a strong commitment to the quality of its services through innovative customer service techniques. These efforts have been recognized by our clients through the high degree of satisfaction they express.

    The LICUAS, S.A. strategy is based on compliance with the following basic principles:


    • Operational innovation and excellence: We seek to offer the best possible service to our customers. To achieve this, we encourage worker specialization and involvement. In addition, since its beginnings, LICUAS, S.A., has held a commitment to sustainability with the environment, quality and workplace safety and health.
    • Internationalization: A few years ago, LICUAS, S.A. began its expansion to new countries such as Poland, Qatar and Colombia. The objective is to continue developing our activity in these countries as well as in Spain in order to open new markets, establishing alliances with local partners.
    • Growth profitability: We seek to find the balance between organic growth and profitability, with contracts that represent a competitive advantage and provide the organization with new processes and capabilities for future contracts.


    In parallel, LICUAS, S.A. is and will continue to be an organization focused on the innovation of our processes, which will allow us to maintain our commitment to a model based on our relationship with our clients, seeking their complete satisfaction, as well as the optimal productivity of our resources.

    LICUAS, S.A.
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