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    “We seek to achieve the highest quality and well-being for the public”

    Innovation is a differentiating factor in an increasingly competitive world which is constantly evolving. Fully aware of this, Licuas focuses its efforts on investment in this area.

    LICUAS, S.A. is committed to research, development and innovation as the driving force for its present and future strategy. As a company, we have always stood out thanks to our ability to provide innovative solutions which improve the quality of service offered to our customers, along with our ongoing commitment to innovation in the organisation’s processes, thus ensuring an optimal service for customers.

    R&D&I projects are developed based on the needs of our customers, workers and suppliers. These activities focus on improving the services offered, along with internal tools to implement them.

    The range of R&D&I projects developed by Licuas to improve the maintenance services provided to the customer includes implementation of GISMU (IT MANAGEMENT OF URBAN MAINTENANCE SERVICES). This is state-of-the-art software which includes accurate geolocation, and can be used for drawing up inventories, carrying out maintenance and tracking preventive and corrective actions.

    LICUAS is an expert company which has led the way in the conservation and maintenance of sanitation and supply networks, always striving to ensure optimum quality and well-being for the public. It is currently investing in developing projects associated with no-dig pipe repair processes. This method consists of repairing and improving pipes without affecting the day-to-day activities of the public, since it is not necessary to close the road. In this regard, it counts on cutting-edge equipment which can repair pipes up to 1600 mm in diameter.

    In line with its pipe rehabilitation work, LICUAS has registered the following material brands.

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