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    LICUAS, S.A. s a services and construction company whose main goal is to satisfy their clients, and they apply their knowledge acquired during their business trajectory for that purpose. The Managers, aware of the commitment made to their clients and interested parties, have established in their organization an Integrated Management System based on the regulations UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 14001, UNE-EN ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001 y UNE 166002.

    LICUAS, S.A. has established this policy, providing the framework for the establishment and review of the organization’s objectives in the areas of quality, the environment, energy, safety and health, and R&D&I, as well as the following commitments:


    • Ensure that the product/service provided to our clients is adequate, safe, reliable and complies with the legislation and regulations that apply to us, as well as other requirements agreed to.
    • Provide a service that adapts to the needs and expectations of our clients and interested parties and constantly improve.
    • Provide the information and resources necessary to achieve the objectives posed to us and paying close attention to training, involving, motivating and gaining the commitment of the entire staff in order to allow them to participate in the development and application of the Integrated Management System. This will allow us to have staff with a high level of qualification to carry out the activities included in the System.
    • Keep in permanent contact with all interested parties, in order to be able to collaborate together in the continuous improvement of our service/product, whether from the point of view of quality, the environment, energy, or the safety and health of the workers, as well as the development of R&D&I activities.
    • Adopt measures to constantly improve the efficiency of the system and deviations in quality, depending on the company’s real possibilities.
    • Prevent contamination, damages and deterioration in the health of the workers.
    • Comply with the requirements of regulation UNE 166002, as well as the requirements on the use and consumption of energy and energy efficiency which may apply to us.


    Our know-how is backed by our integrity, transparency and responsibility, always thinking about the satisfaction of our clients and under principles of sustainability and commitment to our community. We want to become a benchmark in the sector by providing the broadest range of services and products with the highest quality.

    Every department, every unit of our organization, at all levels of the hierarchy, must contribute, allowing the Integrated Management System to take shape and evolve.

    The Policy is circulated throughout all levels of the organization and is available to the public as well as all interested parties who request it.

    LICUAS, S.A.
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