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    LICUAS understands Corporate Social Responsibility as an opportunity to strengthen alliances with its customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, society in general, and our entire natural environment.

    WE BELIEVE that, as contributors to social welfare, we must combine efforts in order to provide an optimal-quality service without forgetting those around us, those who help make it possible, and an environment we must look after for future generations.

    Because we BELIEVE we can, we PROPOSE continuing to move forward with our health and safety, quality, environment and CSR policies.


    Companies have a wide range of responsibilities that go beyond just meeting their legal obligations. They cannot close their eyes to the problems and challenges facing society today.

    At Licuas we are constantly looking for new ways to develop communication channels with stakeholders, as a way to ensure constant improvements in our relations with people we work with.

    This has led to the equality and conciliation measures implemented in our organisation, and our constant participation and collaboration with NGOs and entities related to the social, sports and environmental spheres.


    Concern for environmental problems has evolved to become hugely important in today’s society, which increasingly demands that companies respect the environment where they carry out their activities.

    Sustainable development provides the foundations for Licuas’ environmental strategy, requiring environmental excellence, economic success and social responsibility. Environmental management systems give Licuas a corporate advantage, whilst its strategic framework allows it to ensure its different projects are developed around the world with their own goals and action plans within this system.

    In addition to our ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental management system, a few years ago we embarked on ensuring energy efficiency while also implementing the energy management system. And we round off our environmental commitment by calculating our carbon footprint.


    Licuas’ Policy, which is aligned with its strategy, aims to achieve full satisfaction of its customers and stakeholders. Proof of this is its certification, since 2003, under the criteria set out in Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001.

    The organisation takes on the following commitments, within the framework of its management system:

    • Ensure that the product/service provided to our customers is adequate, safe, reliable and complies with the legislation and regulations that apply to us.
    • Provide a service that adapts to the needs and expectations of our clients and interested parties and constantly improve.
    • Provide the information and resources necessary to achieve our goals, with a focus on ensuring staff are trained, involved, motivated and committed, as a way to ensuring their participation.
    • Keep in permanent contact with all stakeholders, in order to work together on the continuous improvement of their service/product.

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